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The only data warehouse built for the cloud enables TriNetX to efficiently store and share data from over 300M patients across 16 countries, delivering customers speed-of-thought healthcare insights

SAN MATEO, Calif. – February 5, 2019 – Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced that TriNetX, the global health research network that revolutionizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the creation of real-world evidence, uses Snowflake to easily and safely store and share data with its customers, accelerating research that can bring new therapies to market sooner.

TriNetX is the global health research network founded on the idea that incorporating real-world data results in better clinical trial design, improves the site selection process to expedite time to market of new therapies, and creates Real World Evidence (RWE) to advance the collective understanding of human health.

“Snowflake plays a strategic role in the current and future architecture of TriNetX’s entire data platform” TriNetX Chief Technology Officer, Steve Kundrot said. “With Snowflake, we’re able to efficiently manage data from multiple data sources and prepare it for use within our analytics platform. Snowflake’s unique architecture which separates compute from storage provides us with a cost-effective, scalable data warehousing solution.”

Over the last 9 months, TriNetX has realized the following benefits using Snowflake:

• Modern Data Sharing – Snowflake Data Sharing, eliminates the cost, headache and risk of traditional data sharing methods. Within minutes, TriNetX can grant secure and governed access to real-time, updated read-only data, enabling customers to more rapidly generate real-world evidence to uncover critical healthcare insights.

• Streamlined Analytics – Snowflake enables TriNetX to connect data from multiple sources, allowing customers to host side-by-side comparisons to assess incidence of diseases, prescription trends, and data patterns.

• Consolidated Storage – Snowflake provides a single storage location for TriNetX’s harmonized, curated, and patient-linked data, allowing TriNetX customers to make quicker, more effective decisions around drug discovery and development.

• Instant Elasticity – TriNetX can instantly and infinitely scale its compute power up down, on the fly or automatically, for an unlimited number of users and workloads.

“Snowflake is helping us disrupt the traditional model of how people access healthcare data,” TriNetX Director of Engineering, Konstantine Krutiy said. “We can now improve liquidity of data and bring data silos together more efficiently.”

“As the go-to resource for quality patient data and analytics, TriNetX is disrupting the way life sciences companies approach clinical research” Snowflake VP of Healthcare Strategy, Todd Crosslin said. “Snowflake is proud to play a role in the research, testing, and delivery of new therapies for patients worldwide.”

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About TriNetX

TriNetX is the global health research network that revolutionizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the creation of real-world evidence. TriNetX combines real time access to longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to answer complex research questions at the speed of thought. For more information, visit TriNetX at or follow @TriNetX on Twitter.

About Snowflake Computing
Snowflake is the only data warehouse built for the cloud, enabling the data-driven enterprise with instant elasticity, secure data sharing and per-second pricing, across multiple clouds. Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Snowflake: Your data, no limits. Find out more at

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