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CAMBRIDGE, May 24, 2016 – TriNetX, a leader in international clinical research networks, today announced a collaboration with Celgene Corporation to advance clinical trial design and research for Celgene’s next-generation therapeutic programs.

Celgene will gain real time access to medical data from electronic medical records through TriNetX’s proprietary network of healthcare institutions representing over 37 million patient lives to support clinical study and protocol design, site selection, and patient recruitment across a range of therapeutic areas and development stages.

Users of the TriNetX system can analyze patient populations with search criteria across multiple longitudinal data points in real time, and TriNetX’s advanced analytics modules provide intelligence on which criteria have the most impact as well as the rate at which new patients present. Each data point in the TriNetX system can be traced to healthcare providers who have the ability to identify individual patients, allowing clinical researchers to develop virtual patient cohorts that can be recapitulated in real world clinical trial settings. Data in the TriNetX system is fully de-identified to the user.

“TriNetX represents the future of a data-driven approach to clinical trial design and research,” said Jay Kaminski, Senior Vice President, Global Clinical Research Development and Operations at Celgene. “This collaboration is an important part of the innovations we have been making at Celgene to realize the power of data analytics within our clinical research organization.”

“Our mission is to disrupt the clinical trial design space by unleashing the power of data that is currently locked away,” said Gadi Lachman, CEO, TriNetX. “Through our network, healthcare providers, pharma and contract research organizations can create strategic partnerships to improve clinical research and patient care, and we are honored to have Celgene as part of our network. We see this collaboration as a win-win for Celgene, TriNetX, our member institutions, and ultimately patients.”

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TriNetX is a worldwide clinical data network of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations used to enhance clinical trial design and accelerate patient recruitment. TriNetX enables researchers to find the right patients at the right sites for clinical trials. For more information, visit

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