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CAMBRIDGE, June 3, 2016 – TriNetX, a leader in international clinical research networks, announced today an agreement with hict, an independent healthcare consulting firm headquartered in Belgium, to expand the TriNetX network in Europe and the Middle East.

The agreement authorizes hict to offer TriNetX membership to healthcare providers in addition to hict’s existing portfolio of clinical operations, strategic guidance, IT and process improvement services.

TriNetX is a proprietary network of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) representing over 37 million patients in the US and Europe to support clinical study and protocol design, site selection, patient recruitment and collaborative research across a range of therapeutic areas and development stages.

Users of the TriNetX system can analyze patient populations with search criteria across multiple longitudinal data points, and TriNetX’s advanced analytics modules provide intelligence on which criteria have the most impact as well as the rate at which new patients present. Each data point in the TriNetX system can be traced to healthcare providers who have the ability to identify individual patients, allowing clinical researchers to develop virtual patient cohorts that can be recapitulated in real world clinical trial settings. Data in the TriNetX system is fully de-identified to the user.

“hict enables healthcare providers to become centers of excellence in clinical research,” said Jan Demey, CEO, hict. “We represent an international multidisciplinary team of consultants and experts on a mission to make realistic improvements for the healthcare industry. We are pleased to expand our portfolio to include TriNetX, an innovative solution that is experiencing viral growth for its unique capabilities that address unmet needs in clinical trial design and research. hict’s additional strategic and operational consulting services enable a bridge between healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry in favor of patients’ quality of medical service.”

“The strategic partnership between TriNetX and hict will accelerate international expansion of the TriNetX network,” said Gadi Lachman, CEO, TriNetX. “hict is a trusted advisor to healthcare provider leadership teams throughout Europe and the Middle East, and is well-equipped to present the value of the TriNetX network and our shared goals of improving clinical research and patient care.”

“Adding this solution to our portfolio of services we can really fill an unmet need for more efficient and faster feasibility and recruitment processes in clinical research sites and to optimize study design,” said Prof Dr. Robert Lins, board member of hict. “This will be an important step towards increased performance in new drug development in Europe and the Middle East.”

About hict
hict is an independent, international, consultancy agency active in healthcare. hict’s clients are care providers (hospitals, care institutions, home care organizations), suppliers to these care providers (financial, architectural, IT, pharmaceutical, and medical devices), and public services.

hict believes very strongly in an integrated care system, for which it offers a wide range of services. hict’s expertise consists mainly of strategy in care, hospital planning, process improvement, the organization of clinical research, automating care, change management, and health economics based on cost impact analyses, budget impact analyses, and market research.

hict knows that further re-engineering, automation, innovation, and integration of healthcare resources can contribute to the optimization of the level of services and quality of the care provision. All of this combined leads to more efficiency in care, resulting in more attention towards the care process and the patient, and more room for applied innovation, and making available innovative medicines and devices. For more information, visit

About TriNetX
TriNetX is a worldwide clinical data network of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations used to enhance clinical trial design and accelerate patient recruitment. TriNetX enables researchers to find the right patients at the right sites for clinical trials. For more information, visit

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