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Cambridge, MA, February 11, 2020 — TriNetX, the global health research network that revolutionizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence (RWE), today announced the release of TriNetX Single Study Service (S3) that offers pharmaceutical and biotech customers the ability to request turnkey protocol and site feasibility analyses on a per study basis, developed by the highly skilled clinical and data scientists at TriNetX.

“TriNetX’s Single Study Service is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical and biotech companies that may only conduct a few clinical trials a year, but they require real-world evidence and data expertise to inform protocol design and feasibility, site identification and selection, and patient recruitment decisions,” said Brian Flaherty, Chief Commercial Officer at TriNetX. “The Single Study Service delivers rapid results. No customer training is necessary, which ultimately accelerates the utilization of TriNetX’s global real-world data set to generate evidence in support of a single study.”

With TriNetX S3, the customer submits its protocol to TriNetX. The TriNetX team of epidemiologists and clinical scientists utilize the TriNetX platform to analyze the target population, assess the feasibility of the protocol, and identify potentially problematic criteria. The customer is granted self-service access to explore the protocol and the results leveraging the intuitive analytic capabilities of the TriNetX platform.

The customer is also granted access to Trial Connect, the industry-leading functionality that enables pharmaceutical companies to directly engage clinical trial offices at healthcare organizations (HCOs) with eligible patients matching study criteria. With Trial Connect, the pharmaceutical customer can centrally monitor site acceptances, declines, and pending responses. Pharmaceutical customers that use Trial Connect experience study site response rates 3X faster than the industry average.

TriNetX S3 is made possible through the use of TriNetX’s global health research network, which enables researchers to study longitudinal clinical data including demographics, diagnoses, procedures, medications, lab values, advanced cancer information, and genomic variants.

TriNetX has partnered with HCOs spanning 25 countries to create a linked and continually updated global health research network representing over 400 million patients. TriNetX has been used to analyze over 23,000 protocols, presented nearly 6,400 clinical trial opportunities to its HCO members and been used for RWE research presented at scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed publications.


About TriNetX
TriNetX is the global health research network that connects the world of drug discovery and development from pharmaceutical company to study site, and investigator to patient by sharing real-world data to make clinical and observational research easier and more efficient. TriNetX combines real time access to longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to optimize protocol design and feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment, and enable discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence. The TriNetX platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. For more information, visit TriNetX at or follow @TriNetX on Twitter.

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