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TriNetX Pediatric Collaboratory Network

Streamlining the path to the pediatric patient.

TriNetX Pediatric Collaboratory Network

Streamlining the path to the pediatric patient.

Easily identify subset of data for pediatric patients

Presents a targeted cohort of pediatric patient data to streamline the query process.

Grow with us

Streamline investigator-led multi-site research

Makes it easy for researchers to identify and connect with other PCN members who have the desired patient population.

Build a beautiful product

Simplify connections between principal investigators

Establishes centralized points of contact to streamline communications for potential collaboration.

The TriNetX Pediatric Collaboratory Network

One of the key obstacles to conducting pediatric research is gaining access to sufficiently large populations of pediatric patients. It is particularly difficult to find, recruit, and enroll pediatric patients for research based solely on eligibility criteria and disease types. It is also challenging to find investigators at other institutions in order to collaborate on studies.


The TriNetX Pediatric Collaboratory Network (PCN) enables researchers to narrow down the huge amount of data available in the TriNetX Research network to pediatric patients only. This makes those pediatric data sets more valuable and simplifies the process for investigators to work with other members of the Collaboratory on pediatric clinical trials and pediatric epidemiological studies. The focused data set is also crucial for patient identification in research for rare disease in children.


The TriNetX PCN is a subset of pediatric organizations and institutions with a large population of pediatric patients which have data on the TriNetX platform. Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) using TriNetX Live only see their own data, and those using TriNetX Research do not have the ability to identify specific HCOs that are linked to the data. By joining the PCN, researchers can additionally access data from other collaboratory institution members.


In addition to identifying organizations with needed data, PCN members will have access to a dedicated representative at each participating HCO who can connect researchers interested in collaborating.

How to Join

All member organizations of the TriNetX network that are pediatric HCOs or that have large populations of pediatric patients are eligible to join the PCN. For more information, contact your TriNetX customer success manager.