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The TriNetX library of open-source tools and content, open.trinetx, provides real-world data solutions for technical professionals at pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations to analyze and manage their data. For more information, please contact


OPS to SNOMED CT Mapping

TriNetX is committed to supporting global data interoperability initiatives. In Germany, procedure data is coded using Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel (OPS) classification system. We partnered with Averbis GmbH to build a partial mapping from OPS to SNOMED CT. Our mapping covers top ~2,000 most frequently used concepts in OPS and accounts for 90% of procedure data by volume.

The mapping process is described in Stefan Schulz, Johannes Steffel, Peter Polster, Matvey Palchuk, Philipp Daumke: Aligning an Administrative Procedure Coding System with SNOMED CT. In: Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences (ODLS 2019) at the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO 2019), Graz, Austria, September 23-25, 2019. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-2518.

We are proud to make this mapping available as open source. For more information please contact

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