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Cambridge, MA, June 14, 2017 — InformedDNA, the nation’s largest independent provider of genetic counseling, announced it has joined the TriNetX health research network comprised of healthcare organizations representing over 84 million patients globally, biopharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations (CROs). InformedDNA joins other network members who are working together to improve protocol design, site selection, patient recruitment, and collaborative research across a range of therapeutic areas and development stages.

“We serve thousands of patients with unique genetic variants,” said Kim Schahl, MS, CGC, Director, Genomics Research and Development at InformedDNA. “We joined the network with the hope of helping our patients find clinical trials that may offer new treatment options and to help researchers identify patients with rare variants who might benefit from targeted therapies and new preventive approaches. We feel TriNetX has the key relationships with biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations that can help our patients.”

Network members utilize TriNetX’s cloud-based, health research platform to analyze patient populations with search criteria across multiple longitudinal data points. TriNetX’s advanced analytics modules provide intelligence on the most impactful criteria as well as identifying the rate at which new patients present. Each de-identified data point in the TriNetX network can be traced to healthcare organizations who then are able to identify individual patients, allowing clinical researchers to develop virtual patient cohorts that can be found in real-world clinical trial settings. Researchers can discover patients for industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated studies, as well as for collaboration with peer research institutions.

“We are excited to offer our patients a wider scope of options, including clinical trial participation,” said Schahl. “We specialize in telephone genetic counseling and frequently serve patients who don’t have local access to trained genetics professionals, clinical trials, or the latest therapy options. By joining the TriNetX network, our patients will have increased access to many of the same clinical trials and cutting-edge therapies available at large academic centers.”

“We are pleased to have InformedDNA join the network,” said Maulik Mehta, Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development at TriNetX. “We are confident they will benefit from leveraging the combined efforts of our rapidly growing, first-of-its-kind network of health systems, biopharma, and CROs who are working to foster better collaboration and efficiency in clinical research.”


About InformedDNA
InformedDNA helps individuals and healthcare providers accurately interpret family health history and genetics, bringing the promise of personalized healthcare to life. InformedDNA is the authority on the appropriate use of genetic testing – leveraging the expertise of the largest network of independent board-certified genetics specialists to help ensure health plans, hospitals, employers, community clinicians and patients all have access to the highest quality genetic services. InformedDNA’s key offerings include clinical genetic counseling, genetic testing utilization management, and personalized hereditary risk assessment and prevention solutions. For more information, visit 

About TriNetX
TriNetX is the global health research network enabling healthcare organizations, biopharma and contract research organizations (CROs) to collaborate, enhance trial design, accelerate recruitment and bring new therapies to market faster. Each member of our community shares in the consolidated value of our global, federated health research network that connects clinical researchers in real-time to the patient populations which they are attempting to study. For more information, visit

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