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COVID-19 Clinical Data Now Available in the TriNetX Network, Enabling Rapid Monitoring to Study Efficacy and Safety of Fast-Tracked Therapies at Global Scale

Cambridge, MA, March 24, 2020 — TriNetX, the global health research network that revolutionizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence (RWE), has joined the worldwide fight against COVID-19.

TriNetX has fast-tracked updates to its real-world data (RWD) platform to incorporate specific COVID-19 terminology including diagnosis and LOINC terminology and World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) specific coding guidelines to support novel coronavirus test results. As a result, COVID-19 clinical data is now flowing in from its global network of healthcare organizations (HCOs). The company is also collaborating with its network of 150 HCOs to connect pharmaceutical companies to sites that are open to receiving COVID-19 clinical trials and observational studies.

“Accelerating research holds the key to stemming the tide of this insidious disease,” said Gadi Lachman, CEO of TriNetX. “To do that we must provide researchers with the tools and data to understand COVID-19. To further that goal, we are rapidly engaging our industry and healthcare organization partners who are preparing to open clinical trials around supportive, curative, and preventative COVID-19 therapies and vaccines.”

The pharmaceutical industry has come to rely on TriNetX for protocol design, feasibility, and identification of trial sites. TriNetX has proven to reduce the time to identify interested study sites with eligible patients from 42 to 14 days, and that is the type of speed needed to meet the pandemic head on. The RWD available in the TriNetX network will also enable pharmaceutical companies to conduct population-wide digital RWD studies to complement longer term randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

“Digital technology and sciences have evolved to the point where, in a global health crisis like this, they allow us to react quickly on a large scale, balancing the vital needs of individual patients with the need to collect scientific data about efficacy and safety,” said Ulo Palm, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategies, Allergan. “This should happen under the umbrella of pragmatic, digital RWD studies, where data is continuously monitored and analyzed through apps and existing EMR system networks, such as TriNetX.”

TriNetX is stepping forward because its unique technology and live data network allows accelerated action at a global scale at a time when it is needed most.

“In times of crisis, there is no time to lose,” said Brecht Claerhout, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Europe. “TriNetX technology gives the research community, including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, government entities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), immediate access to a large population of patients. By readying our RWD network now, we have the capability to enable fast track therapies with large scale and long-term follow-up for efficacy and safety. Time is of life-saving essence.”


About TriNetX
TriNetX is the global health research network that connects the world of drug discovery and development from pharmaceutical company to study site, and investigator to patient by sharing real-world data to make clinical and observational research easier and more efficient. TriNetX combines real time access to longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to optimize protocol design and feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment, and enable discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence. The TriNetX platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. For more information, visit TriNetX at or follow @TriNetX on Twitter. 

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