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The Network Effect

Uniting InSite with TriNetX and the value it brings to patients and the research community

I’m excited to announce that TriNetX has acquired Custodix and its InSite network, a Belgium-based provider of services for clinical trial design, patient feasibility, and enabling workflow for patient recruitment. The European-based InSite network is active in 12 countries throughout Europe and complements the existing TriNetX EU footprint.


This is a breathtaking unification of two extremely compatible research networks. The two companies launched in separate geographies, but share a commitment to strong compliance, governance, and a global vision for clinical research. We now offer the world’s largest platform for clinical research, providing a more powerful resource for pharma companies and healthcare organizations (HCOs), and more hope for patients in need. This expansion gives us local leadership and increased resources in the European market.


The Custodix addition quadruples the size of the current European TriNetX staff and establishes an EU headquarters as a resource base to launch further expansion in Europe and Asia. Custodix CEO Brecht Claerhout will become TriNetX’s Managing Director/Europe and the division—to be known as InSite, a TriNetX company—will drive the combined organization’s European strategy and execution going forward.


The combined network offers significant benefits for all of our industry partners. For our pharma and CROs, we now provide visibility to the largest European patient population for protocol design and feasibility assessment for clinical trials. For HCOs, we now offer more clinical research opportunities than any other research network in the world.

We recognize the need to provide data from outside the U.S., especially from both the EU and Asian regions and the acquisition enables us to meet that need and offer increased access to a “one stop shop.” TriNetX is now the only network that can support pharma, CROs and HCOs with a single, global platform. Although this move focuses on our European operations, our goal is to expand further into South America and Asia to create one global customer experience.


TriNetX is the global health research network founded on the idea that incorporating real-world data results in better clinical trial design, improves the site selection process to expedite time to market of new therapies, and generates real-world evidence to advance the collective understanding of human health. Our network has been used to analyze over 13,000 protocols and has presented over 3,400 trial opportunities to its HCO members.


Our mission has always been to advance global clinical research and we are confident that the addition of the Custodix InSite network is the next step to realizing that vision. Thank you for your continued support as we move forward to an exciting, mutually beneficial future. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any member of our organization.



Gadi Lachman