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Leverage the world’s largest, up-to-date, longitudinal clinical and claims data to generate real-world evidence.

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Utilize real-world data to excel in research. TriNetX is available for department-wide use.

Department Heads

Empower your department with data designed for scientific publications, grant submissions, poster presentations and much more.

Individual Researchers

Download data sets, perform advanced analyses for grant submissions, manuscript and poster submissions, and collaborate with like-minded researchers.


Discover the power of data in the classroom; students and educators can iterate quickly using TriNetX, reaching real-time answers without the need for time-intensive statistical platforms.


Communicate complex, advanced analyses to students using real data in real time. Provide students with a powerful tool to answer their clinical questions.


Access data for dissertation and manuscript development. Explore EMR and claims data to learn more about target populations, compare drug effectiveness, assess real-world drug performance and much more.

Global Breadth. Unprecedented Depth. All Therapeutic Areas.

Top Therapeutic Areas

Sample Indication Counts

  • 1,003 Neuroblastoma (aged <10)
  • 2,571 Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • 34,183 Histology Confirmed NSCLC
  • 109,412 Crohn’s Disease
  • 462,422 Pediatric Asthma

Data Characteristics


  • Research-ready EMR data
  • All therapeutic areas
  • Comprehensive pediatric data
  • Inpatient/outpatient
  • Data curated, standardized and mapped to common data models
  • Generate replicable, generalized results
  • Detailed insight into rare diseases
  • Reduce selection bias with data sourced from diverse sites
  • Explore patient cohorts to discover comorbidities and confounders
  • Create your most accurate cohorts using temporal events, disease milestones, and in-depth medication details

Publications Using TriNetX

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Buysse B., & Albano J. (2019.) A Snapshot of Characteristics Recorded in Electronic Medical Records of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in TriNetX Within Two Years of Diagnosis. Syneos Health Morrisville, NC, USA; 2. Syneos Health, Farnborough, UK. 35th ICPE, Philadelphia, PA, 26 Aug 2019

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Martin, C. A., Burgess, D. R., Wallace, K. L., Vanhoose, J., Cotner, S., & Burgess, D. S. (2018). 1026. Trends in Infective Endocarditis During the Substance Use Disorder Epidemic at an Academic Medical Center. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 5(Suppl 1), S306. doi:10.1093/ofid/ofy210.863

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Acharya, M., & Painter, J. (2018). New Oral Anticoagulants And The Risk Of Vasculitis: A Nested Case-Control Study. Value in Health, Vol. 21, S55. doi:

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